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AERATION SEASON: March, April & May

Our Latest Blog Entry: The Inevitable 


Weed that can't be removed by hand or mulched into oblivion can be killed with herbicides. when weeds are young, a natural product such as organic herbicidal soap,will often do the trick. Boil Grass clipping and let it sit for one week, re water your lawn with the liquid as natural nitrogen for soil strengthening 

Our Second Blog Entry: Weed Be Gone


Sprinkle salt on weeds that sprout in paved areas or wild patches. don't use it around desirable plants, because it can injure their roots.

Our First Blog Entry: It's A Miracle


Kill weeds with vinegar. Vinegar is a completely nontoxic alternative to commercial weed killers. In both field and greenhouse studies, researchers at the Agricultural Research Services in Beltsville, Maryland, proved its effectiveness at killing five common weeds- including the all -too-common Canada thistle- within their first two weeks aboveground. The vinegar was hand -sprayed in concentrations varying between 5 and 10 percent.

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